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Few will know that during the Pre-Christian era, the roots of tourism began with the common practice of ancient citizens making their once-in-lifetime pilgrimage to visit the temples of their gods throughout the known world of the time. 

The following tours outline a general biblical significance of the sites and the overlapping context as it relates to scripture. However, we provide a variation of these elements in your tour design, in part or whole, depending on your group’s desired travel interests.

Footsteps of Apostle Paul

We all know the story of Saul who on the road to Damascus experienced his conversion from one who persecuted Christians to one who became a martyr for Christ.

He was a faithful apostle who relentlessly risked his life to spread Jesus Christ’s gospel message of love and salvation. You can immerse yourself in his struggle, imagine the perils of his mission, and stand on the very ruins where he stood before his accusers. Empower your faith anew, by recounting the moments of his trials and his persevering faith for victory in Christ.

Scriptures include (among more):

  • Acts 16:16-24
  • Acts 16:23-40
  • Acts 17,18;
  • Philippians 4;
  • 1 Thessalonians 3:2-4;
  • Corinthians 9, 16
  • 1 Corinthians 15:3-8

Aeropagus Hill

Where Paul debated and addressed the Greek philosophers


Paul gave his first sermon in Europe


Paul landed here with his disciples Timothy and Silas


Paul wrote his two epistles to the Thessalonians


Paul preached in the synagogue of Greek nobility who believed in the gospel.


Paul stayed at length here. He wrote four epistles of the New Testament and went on trial before Gallio.

Ephesus (Turkey)

Pauls was here for three years preaching the good news of Christ in the synagogues

Rome (Italy)

Paul’s extraordinary mission and life came to an end under Emperor Nero.

We accommodate groups who wish to visit Rome, Ephesus and/or the Holy Land upon request and customization of their tour. 

Classical Greece Tour

By visiting many sites of ancient Greek cultural significance, this tour provides visitors with the historical context in which the New Testament was written. This tour is especially valuable for those interested in ancient history and archaeology. We  begin in Athens, the civic and cultural center of the Ancient Greek world, where the apostle Paul gave his famous speech to an Unknown God. Another site of great Biblical significance visited during this tour is Corinth, a major Greek center of trade where Paul lived for many months.

This tour visits the centers of ancient Greek prehistory (Mycenae), religion (Delphi), athletics (Olympia), and theater (Epidaurus). By touring these locations and studying these topics, we insightfully understand how Christianity and ancient Greek society intersected and conflicted. We also will learn how Greek history and culture influenced our own modern culture.


Ancient center of Civics & Cultural Life


Ancient center of Athletics


Ancient center of Religion


Ancient center of Theater


Ancient center of Trade


Ancient center of Prehistory

Monuments of Religious Significance

In Greece, where the official practicing religion is Eastern Orthodox Christianity, travellers can hardly leave without noticing the countless Byzantine churches, Christian basilicas and monasteries throughout the mainland and islands. These monuments are harmoniously blended into Greece’s cultural heritage and history that enrich the country’s touristic dynamic.



Meteora is a breathtaking natural and religious wonder of the world. Step into the 11th century Byzantine era when monks settled upon these massive column rock formations with a vision to build twenty-four monasteries atop these cliffs. Glimpse into the monastic life of Eastern Orthodox Christian monks and learn how Christianity endured through the dark ages of humanity.

The Cave of the Apocalypse

The Cave of the Apocalypse is situated on the island of Patmos in Greece. Christians believe St. John the Apostle experienced visions compiled as the Book of Revelation.