Travellers have typically assocaited Greece with its’ stunning summers on exotic islands, supping on amazing cuisine, visiting the ruins of its’ legendary history, all to smiling hospitality. And while all the above is true, Greece also imparts an incredibely rich Christian heritage, imbued with a deeply religious people. The country, culture and people remain at the top of travelers’ list of destinations to visit, annually. Bring your group and don’t take our word for it…take yours!

Featured Cities

Tours begin in southern Greece and continue through the central mainland to the north. Some of these featured cities are dotted along the coasts, while others are nestled in the mountains. Expect to see stretches of lush countryside, filled with vineyards, along with tiny villages and picturesque shores along the coastal highways. Cities visited will vary according to tour.

Add On Excursions

Extending your group's tour by a few more days offers added biblical significance and opportunities for leisure. The tempation to stay away from these prospects is all but irresistible.

Why Greece?

Greece never fails to top the destination lists in the travel industry. A favorite on everyone's bucket list, the country astounds traveller of every interest and Christians get it all, when they come to Greece:


The Greek Classical civilization influenced early Christianity


The ancient Greeks impacted the writings of the New Testament


The New Testament was written in ancient Greek


The country is located at the crossroads of the ancient world, bridging West to East. Multiple major and smaller airlines service Greece daily year-round.


Moderate and seasonal, Greece’s peak season are the higher temperature months of July and August


Greece is an EU-member state


Your group participants may want to experience something extra set apart from the tour. Participants have a healthy dose of choices for added fun and adventure.


Athens hosts year-round international concerts, theater, art, and festivals

Summer Sailing

Book a private yacht tour on the Athens Riviera for the afternoon

Wine Tasting

Sip some of Greece’s finest wines on tour


Take time to pamper yourself with spa therapy

Walking Tours

Go on guided walking tours through the city


Browse Monastiraki Bazaar or Ermou Street for fine souvenirs, shoes, Greek jewelry, and food

Medical Check-ups

Take advangtage of traveller’s programs available for medical check-up at top ranking hospitals in Athens

Sports Enthusiasts

Rock & mountain climbing, hiking, biking, canyoning, skiing, rafting, riding…go on your sport adventure in Greece.

Gastronomy Tours

See why the famed Mediterrean diet is rooted in Greek cuisine, the country that gave birth to symposia. From cheesemaking to the therapeutic properties of olive oil to Aegean seafood dishes and some of the best wines in the world, the country offers the best in mouthwatering tours