The Experience of a lifetime! Choose your escape and Greece will exceed your expectations. Go with the wrong crowd… and lose out on unforgettable memories you might have made. Who you go with can make or break your visit to Greece. Unfortunately, we’ve heard the stories. Executed at the highest standards, your tour here will leave you speechless.

Greece inspires you to step into your own moving experience and live out the new stories you’ll tell. Leave your footprints behind with the timeless Greek legends and your lasting impressions with today’s locals!

You may arrive as a welcomed Guest, but you’ll return a Philhellene a.k.a. friend and admirer of the Greeks, once you’ve traveled with us!

Art & Culture

From Pre-historic to Archiac, Classical, Hellenistic, Medieval and Byzantine archeological ruins, explore how the Greeks influenced the ancient and developing world at large with their timeless art and culture.

History & Mythology

Sojourn the early history of the Cycladic, Minoan, Mycenaean civilizations and their gods! Learn how Greece catapulted its influential dominance across the world in every area of human endeavor.


Dive into the biblical sites of the New Testament. Retrace the footsteps of Apostle Paul’s missions in Greece. See St. John’s cave of the Apocalypse! Discover the language of the Septuagint Bible and its Hellenistic influence on Christianity.

Adventure & Sport Enthusiasts

Come to the home and origins of the celebrated Olympic Games! Ancient Greeks thrived on adventure and sport, in a land of splendid natural beauty and bounty. Name your game and Greece takes the challenge to heights unseen.

Health & Wellness

As in Greek antiquity, so today in modern Greece. Greeks pride themselves on living long, healthy and happy lives. Visit Greece’s Blue Zones and some of the 800 medicinal thermal spas around the country to heal or rejuvinate your body under the sun.


The infamous Mediterranean diet has its roots in Greece. Lauded by doctors and chefs alike, the Mediterranean cuisine of Greece serves up the freshest unique foods of the land. An art form of the ancient Greeks, who lounged in varied flavors and artfully fused menus, all while contributing to their longevity!

The Art of Philoxenia

philoxenia (from /phílos, “friend” and /xenos, “a stranger”) – properly, warmth (friendliness) shown to strangers; (figuratively) the readiness to share hospitality (generosity) by entertaining in one’s home, etc.

From Zeus to Homer, from Old Testament ethics to Plato’s Laws, Philoxenia is at its’ roots, a code of values dating back to antiquity.

Philoxenia, translated in english to mean Hospitality is an ancient tradition of the culture and the country. Hospitality emerges from a blend of culture, religion and mythology. Ancient Greeks were renowned for their travelers, both near and far. Thus when common travelers journeyed these lands, Greeks treated strangers with such hospitality because they never knew if the strangers might have been gods disguised as humans passing on. 

Yet, what is incredibly interesting is that concept even exceeds animosity between individuals and overpowers fear. Giorgos Tsiros states in an article of Greece Is: “If tourism is the major driving force of the Greek economy, then philoxenia is its fuel.”

If anything can quiet challenging relations, it’s hospitality — but not just any hospitality — the Greek form of philoxenia. This is what we aspire to, for your experience with us!