Christian Tours

“Know thyself” begins with the ancestral roots of the faithful and daring Christians who led us here. Christians are travelers, faith and mission. Scripture portrays an array of prominent figures, who testify of their acts, love, and devotion to Jesus Christ our God.

Our tours connect today’s Christian with their Christian heritage and leads them in history, so that they may truly discover the past and impact the future. Emotionally and profoundly engaging, these journeys across the ancient world move Christians at their core, as they follow in the footsteps of those who went before them.

The Footsteps of Apostle Paul Tour

A most faithful apostle who perpetually risked his life to spread Jesus Christ’s gospel message of salvation. Immerse yourself in his struggle, imagine the perils of his mission and stand on the very ruins he stood before his accusers. Empower your faith anew, recounting the moments of his trials and his preserving faith for victory in Christ.

In the Footsteps of Jesus Experience

Experience the extraordinary moments of Jesus’ life on the very site where it all transpired. Dive into the pages of Holy Scripture as you recount the power of Christ’s message to those who stood before Him and listened for the first time of the life-changing revelations His coming brought and the what His Second coming has yet to bring.

Classical Greece

Visit the many sites of biblical and ancient Greek cultural significance. Experience the historical context foundational to the writing of the New Testament. This tour is especially valuable for those history and archaeological buffs with regards to how Christianity and the ancient Greek society intersected and conflicted to influence our own modern culture.

The Holy Land Experience

Journey across the epic holy sites of Israel. Behold the great biblical landmarks of the Old and New Testament. Leave your own spiritual mark where Christ once stood and preached the Good “News to our ancestors. Retreat to Jesus’ prevailing grace in the land where God’s divine plan for His Kingdom unravels.”