About Us

Who We Are

Biblical Greece is a boutique tour company specializing in Christian faith-based tours to Greece in association with our leisure tour brand, Aegean Blue Excursions. These brands emerged after decades of collaborations with tourist organizations and the Ministry of Tourism in Greece, to promote the country as a top religious and leisure destination. We currently operate out of Fayetteville, AR, USA and Athens, Greece. We work in partnership with established vendors and trusted relationships to ensure our groups and participants the best travel experience.

Our Story

As founders and friends, we all come from diverse backgrounds, professional experience and upbringings. What brought us together to launch Biblical Greece and Aegean Blue Excursions was our love of all things Greek, the country, and its tremendous contributions to the world — core foundations in politics, philosophy, arts, math, sciences, medicine, and a rich religious history that has influenced and upheld Christianity. 

From our shared experiences as travellers, professionals and aficionados in the travel industry, we consistently noticed the gaps in travel and tours other tour organizations we believe, often miss. So, we joined forces to offer up our idea of what makes a truly satisfying, purposeful and memorable group experience.

As world travelers and Christians, we do not stop discovering the past to impact our future. If one is to search and to experience the core foundations, figures, and fantastic events of the Bible and greater history at large, we believe it is imperative in today’s world that we seek out our roots.

Our Mission

To provide excursions on land and sea that seek to entertain through the majesty and history of Greece, and to provide each traveler with a memorable trip they will long describe as “the BEST trip to Greece they have ever had.”

Our Team

Management brings together a team of three uniquely skilled and experienced professionals, each of whom offer their talents and perspectives to create something magical for clients. This experienced and highly creative team’s goal is to share Greece in a fun, different and meaningful way that will bring customers back for more.


David Thomas

David has years of experience leading travelers on both land and sea. He brings his countless tour experiences to the team with the knowledge and skills to ensure our clients enjoy the full spectrum of their travel experience. David leads the US-based operations where he and his team will run and oversee the sales, marketing, and implementation of strategies, as well as all aspects of booking, including corporate relationships.


Dimitris Anagnostou

A successful and creative entrepreneur in a series of ventures, including travel, whose heart for joyful experiences with people has led him to focus his considerable instincts to provide the best travel experience possible, with a more intimate influence he has hosted travel guests in Greece. Driven with a true passion to share the splendors of sites and the significance  of scripture, Dimitri is always happy to host!


Christina Sekeris

An international working screenwriter and travel designer, Christina understands the human psyche to customize tours with a ‘cinematic’ touch for travelers to enjoy their own emotionally moving experience. She designs and guides to set the stage, travelers step into their very own movi(e)ing picture!

Dimitris and Christina are based in Athens and will oversee excursion tour design and implementation, as well as relationships with hotels, restaurants, transportation and tour staff.

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