About us

Biblical Greece is a niche, boutique tour operator specializing in Christian faith-based tour packages to Greece and Israel. Our brand has newly emerged after a decade of collaboration with the Greek National Tourism Organziation and the Ministry of Tourism in Greece, in order to promote the country as a top religious destination. We are headquarted in Los Angeles, California and affiliate as an independent contractor with Inspired Travel. We operate in partnership with firmly established vendors, trusted relationships that ensure the best service of our groups and participants travel experience.

Our Story

IF you do not know where you come from, how do you know where it is you are going?

As Christians, we do not stop discovering the past to impact our future. If any Christian is to search and to experience the core foundations, figures, and fantastic events of the Bible and greater history at large, we believe it is imperative in today’s world that we seek out our Christian heritage. The generations of antiquity held dearly in life their bonds to their ancestors. We strongly believe the idea is fundamental to the call Jesus Christ gives us for our future. A call that demands we connect and commit to following in the footsteps of our Christian ancestors.

As founders and friends, we all come from diverse backgrounds and upbringings. What brought us together to launch Biblical Greece was our love of all things Greek, the country, and its tremendous contributions to the world — core foundations in politics, philosophy, arts, math, sciences, medicine, and a rich religious history that has influenced and upheld Christianity.


We invite you to come and connect with your Christian roots on one of our tours today!