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Step into a moving experience Discover the Past, Impact the Future

Step into a moving experience Discover the Past, Impact the Future

What We Do

We Curate, customize , and design sophisticated Christian group tour experiences in Greece.

Season, and biblical interest.

Travel with us, and travel like an Insider, not a tourist.

Why Travel
With Us


We pride ourselves on doing the legwork before inviting our participants to embark on their journey with us, ensuring we've been there, done that...first!


We're a US based company managed by Americans and Greeks domestically and abroad


We work with exclusively Christian archeological tour guides in Greece and established vendors in the US and abroad.


We strive to offer culturally complimentary experiences for our participants ranging from group ministry opportunities to culinary tours and more!


As a top international destination, Greece offers a moderate climate and bright seasons year round. Worldclass airlines service the country consistently.


While Greece may be the most southern eastern end of the EU, it is an attractively safe destination to travel to and from, anywhere around the world.

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