Embark on a profound biblical adventure in Greece! Visit the New Testament sites where the early Church formed. Experience the history of this ancient land. Reinvigorate your faith with a foundational understanding of the Hellenic culture of the New Testament, that shaped the path of Christianity for generations to follow.

Our Brand

Biblical Greece and Aegean Blue Excursions are a boutique partnership launched to service group tours with a curated approach in Mediterranean travel. 

What We Do

We curate, customize, and design authentically meaningful 
Christian and/or  leisure group tour experiences in Greece.


A monument of mythic and biblical proportions!

Maybe we’re partial, but the country and the culture consistently

ranks as a top international destination, year after year.


Ancient, biblical and classical sites come vividly to life as

our expert guides lead you through their epic portals.

Why Travel With Us?


We pride ourselves on doing the legwork before inviting our participants to embark on their journey with us, ensuring we've been there, done that...first!


We're a US based company founded and operated by Americans and Greeks.


We work with preeminent archeological tour guides in Greece and established vendors in the US and abroad.


We strive to offer culturally complimentary experiences for our participants, ranging from group ministry opportunities to culinary tours and more!


A top international destination, Greece offers a moderate climate and bright seasons year round. World class airlines service the country consistently.


While Greece may be the most southern eastern end of the EU, it is an attractively safe destination to travel to and from, anywhere around the world.

Travel with us, and travel like an insider, not a tourist!

Explore Aegean Blue Excursions

Our exclusive partner in leisure custom group packages featuring beautiful Greek islands, visceral cultural experiences and fascinating historical destinations of Greece.  It’s endless!

Learn more how your group can experience Greece like an insider, not a tourist.

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