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Why Biblical Greece

Biblical Greece provides visitors to Greece an optimal experience for three main reasons. First, customized tours allow each group to build its ultimate trip to Greece. Second, our tour guides are trained both in archaeology and in the New Testament. Finally, our relationship with Greek ministries allow our tours also to become a service opportunity. Read More»

Choosing Your Tour

At the very top of our website, you will see the list of "Biblical Tours". Each tour has been customized according to the needs of each group. If you plan to travel to Greece on your own, as a couple, or in a group smaller than twenty, please look at our ten-day pre-arranged tour that will follow a set schedule. Groups larger than twenty are able to create their own tour. Read More»

Life Changing Experience

Biblical Greece offers travelers the opportunity not only to experience a new country but also to see the New Testament in a whole new way. By visiting archaeological sites and learning about the history and culture of the ancient world, participants will return home with a new understanding of the Scriptures and greater insight into their faith.
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